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Wonthaggi Car Rental

Located in the southern part of Gippsland is Wonthaggi that has State Coal Mine. A trip to Wontaggi by using Wonthaggi car rental services will bring back the memories to the difficult time when people were still mining for coal. Going to places like this will make car rental at Wonhtaggi the best means of transportation for leisure travelers seeking to feel and experience for themselves the history of the place. The car rental at Wonthaggi has affiliation with the big car suppliers in the country. They offer cheap car rental rates on their fleet of vehicles that are less than one year old which includes economy to luxury cars. You can choose the vehicle of your choice that is suitable in touring areas like Wonhtaggi. Their affordable rates are inclusive of taxes and fees, include unlimited mileage and provide insurance coverage like third party liability insurance.


Though Wonthaggi had long ceased its coal mining operations, you can access and see for yourself the State Coal Mine Historic Reserve. You can rent a car at Wonthaggi going to the different reserves and parks .You can still see the remains of the buildings and mine shaft but the place does not only boasts its mine reserves for it has several beautiful parks like Apex Park, Guide Park and the Wonthaggi Wetlands Conservation Park .

Wonthaggi gives you an opportunity to be close to nature by travelling in Wonthaggi car rental. It will give you access to the southern part of the town that will bring you to the top of the cliff where you can see the sandy beach and the various rock formation. Only one kilometer away is the lagoon that is wedged between sand dunes overlooking the ocean. Driving with the rented car will make it accessible for you to reach Wonthaggi town center wherein you can see a few shops and a hotel. When you reach Cape Paterson using the services of car hire at Wonthaggi, it marks the 12 kilometer drive through the scenic coastal area.

What’s Included?

  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Collision Damage Waiver
  • Vehicle Theft Waiver
  • Liability Insurance
  • VAT & other local taxes

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